How to Zest a Lemon

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The best way is to use a microplane, like the one pictured above. I have one available in my Shop. The fine blades perfectly remove just the colored part of the peel without adding any of the bitter white part.

If you don’t have a microplane you can use a box grater. Put one layer of plastic wrap on the cheese grater side (looks like little punch-outs) and then grate the fruit on top of the plastic. Most of the zest will be on the plastic wrap with some on the inside. When you are done, remove the plastic wrap from the box grater, lay it flat on the counter top and scrape the zest off with a rubber spatula.

Or you can use a vegetable peeler rather than a box grater. With a vegetable peeler, you have more control to avoid the white part of the peel. Use this method when you want to see big pieces of the peel.

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