How to Buy and Prepare Jumbo Asparagus

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Many chefs prefer jumbo asparagus because of the copious quantity of succulent flesh. The only obstacle is the tough, stringy skin which must be peeled before cooking and consuming. This is a great way to determine if your vegetable peeler is in need of replacement, though if it is, you will wish you had replaced it prior to this exercise.

Tip: Keep an extra brand new vegetable peeler at the ready for when the older one needs to be replaced.

When purchasing asparagus, look for smooth skin with good color on the stalk, the ends should not be too dry and the tips should be tight. If the flower end looks like it is coming apart, then it’s not fresh.
Cut off bottom inch or so of the spear. That should be sufficient because you are peeling the rest.
Starting about an inch below the tightly bundled tip of the asparagus, run your peeler down to the bottom. Repeat, turning the spear as you go. You should peel down to light green or white flesh but only the outer fibers are necessary to remove. Only one stroke should be necessary.
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