Is it Caramel Sauce or Butterscotch?

by Jeff Berkowitz on May 7, 2010 · 0 comments

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We have continued to make all of our own ice cream with the new ice cream maker. My son has gone off the wall with all of the flavor combinations he has come up with and this weekend is his birthday. Instead of a cake this year, he wants a special flavor of ice cream…vanilla, mint with chocolate chips and a caramel swirl. I said,” no problem but please no peanut butter,” (I just don’t like peanut butter enough for that but don’t let me stop you.) Off to the cookbooks…James Beard’s American Cookery has a recipe for Caramel Sauce and then one for Butterscotch. I ignored them both and made up my own but after reading the recipes I knew I was going to put in Sugar, Cream, Butter and a pinch of sea salt. It is that simple. The only thing that boggles my mind is how only 4 ingredients can be so incredible. Please take note that there are no artificial ingredients here. We used pure heavy cream from Whole Foods and the other ingredients speak for themselves. The original recipe calls for corn syrup but that is not needed and we left it out. Enjoy!


2 cups Turbinado Sugar

2 ounces Unsalted butter (½ of a stick)

1 cup Heavy Cream

1 pinch Sea Salt

Measure out all of the ingredients and have them ready for the final combination, when the time comes to add the cream you will want to have it ready to go because as the sugar starts to caramelize it can go very quickly from perfect to burnt; so be ready. This is the only “difficult” part of the recipe. Melt the sugar in a medium heavy bottom sauce pan over  medium to medium high heat. Let the sugar cook for about 3 minutes undisturbed then move some of the sugar from the center using a heat resistant spatula. You will start to see the sugar melting after a period of time, if you don’t see it yet wait a minute or two and move the sugar again. When you see the sugar begin to melt move it around gently to expose some of the unmelted sugar to the bottom of the pot. Continue to do this until almost all of the sugar melts. The sugar is extremely hot at this point. DO NOT GET IT ON YOUR SKIN! Stir the sugar gently as it starts to brown. Have the heavy cream  ready to pour  into the sugar as soon as the sugar turns a nice hue of brown, do not let the sugar smoke. Pouring in the heavy cream will cause the sugar to harden briefly and make the cream boil and possibly sputter, don’t be surprised if it does. Add the pinch of salt and the butter and let the mixture come back to a boil. Simmer until all of the sugar is melted into the cream and the sauce coats a spoon nicely. Cool and pour over anything you care to; ice cream is great but that is only the beginning.

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