About Jeff

Jeff Berkowitz

My every thought is about food.  I have always been a chef, whether I made my living as one or not.  Food has interested me since I could see over the stove-top.  At family picnics, I always found myself at the grill. My parents exposed me to all of the cuisines of the world. There are a lot of flavor memories running around in my head begging to be released.

Like many people in food, I started out on a completely different career path.  After studying physics in college, I worked as a food chemist and sensory analyst for Consumer’s Union, the publisher of “Consumer Reports” magazine.  A local caterer overheard my wife discussing dinner plans on the phone with me.  After hearing about my skills in the kitchen, she offered me a part-time job to work during the holidays. Immediately, I realized that my career needed to take a left turn…Johnson & Wales….all-nighters writing papers….jobs….family…long hours…cuts and burns…feeding thousands…did I mention long hours…20+ years and here we are.

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